How Do I Measure My Bathroom?

It isn’t hard to take your own measurements to help us design your bathroom. We offer free designs on our computer system, but we need the basic room dimensions to create the “blank canvas” to start with.

Here is a quick guide to what to measure so we can get started:

Where to measure the basic width, length and height of the room, plus any full height boxing.
We need to know the position of the doorway, and this will tell us what maximum size of equipment can fit.
Positioning the window correctly also confirms what options there are for equipment positioning.
Look at where the WC soil pipe goes to. Does it go straight through the wall behind? Does it bend and run left or right through the room? Does it go straight into the floor behind the toilet? This tells us what options there are for changing the layout.

After you have the measurements, sketch it out on a piece of paper to show the shape, and write the measurements on it. If you prefer to use inches, don’t worry, we can use them too.

If you can tell us whether you have a combi boiler or a tank-fed system (or something else!) then it helps us work out what kind of taps or shower you will need too.

Take a picture with your phone and email it to us at: and we can get started! Feel free to send some lovely “before” pictures too, as these can help answer a lot of questions when designing.

Customer sketch example

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