Wall-mounted Accessories

Good quality accessories really “make” a finished bathroom. They are there to put things close to hand, and you will touch them every day, so you will want them to feel nice to touch.

A common mistake is to buy cheap accessories as an afterthought. What will happen when they start to rust or fall apart? Your newly tiled room is spoilt if you cannot get a replacement to cover the holes left when you take them off.

Our accessories are all made from solid brass, with a high quality chrome plating or black paint finish. They will last a lifetime if you clean them carefully.

These lovely accessories are our latest arrival, with some in matt black. Innovations like WC roll holders with a shelf for a phone, and removeable trays in the shower make them practical as well as beautiful!
These four simple styles have other complementary items available too, such as towel rails. They all feel reassuringly solid to the touch, and are made by a top manufacturer.
These minimally styled accessories are from Aqualla and are chrome plated on brass. This is especially important on your shower baskets so they don’t rust.
These lovely simple Hoxton chrome accessories are shown in a room setting. Putting the towel rack over the WC is a good use of space, allowing a stack of towels to be ready for use.
Hoxton accessories in black finish off this room set, with a black stand and tap.