Tiles and Panels

Our selection of tiles lets you pick the mood for your bathroom. They come in ceramic and porcelain, as well as gloss or matt finishes. Grey tones are very much in fashion, but the classic stone effect or Victorian-style shabby chic tiles give a timeless look.

Our gorgeous Wall of TIles showcases our biggest sellers in a realistic setting. We can also get samples sent out to you if you would like to try the colours in your own home.
This striking combination of leaves and strips of wood will give a bold statement in any bathroom. It works well with brushed brass fittings, and gives a welcome warmth to the room. These can be matched up with plainer grey tiles if you need to dial it down a little!

Wall Panels

We are an authorised Mermaid dealer, with several laminate and one acrylic settings on display. Colour samples available for you to see the rest of their wide range in store too. No more grout in your shower area means an easy-clean bathroom!

A selection of the acrylic and laminate colour samples available to see in store.
These completely waterproof Bushboard panels from Nuance will give peace of mind in your new bathroom, and the pattern on our display completes the monochrome look! The come complete as a set with the recommended adhesive and colour-matched sealant for the corner joint. Together with the rounded post-formed edges at the outer ends, this means no need for metal trims to finish off.

Ceiling Panels

We now stock ceiling panels! Gloss or matt white, they’re lightweight and maintenance free, perfect to help finish off your new bathroom.

Ceiling panels have a hollow construction which adds a layer of insulation. This helps reduce condensation and the chance of mould on your ceiling.