More than an essential item, these toilets all take style to the next level. Are you looking for a throne or a space-saver? Close coupled, “back-to-wall”, open or closed back? All available with soft-closing seats for a quieter life.

This model is a little wider and a little longer than some of our others, which many of our customers find more comfortable. It is a rimless design, which means the flush is strong and the interior is more hygenic It has the added bonus of a non-stick “nano” glaze to help keep it cleaner. It is fully enclosed back to the wall, which means it can hide the soil pipe where it goes into the wall behind or into the floor, but is not suitable to make a turn left or right inside the room.
Need a little more comfort? This new model is called Radar, and is available with a 460mm high pan as on our display. This means it is easier to get up again if you are struggling with mobility or you are taller than average! It is rimless as standard which gives improved hygiene as it is easier to clean, and the pan is available with either an open back to allow in-room soil pipe connections or fully enclosed to keep it neat up to the wall.
A slightly more ornate, classical look on this WC, but the pan is bang up to date with a rimless flush and quick release, soft closing seat. This version is fully enclosed to make your bathroom neater and easier to keep clean

Burlington Mid-level WC with chrome cistern and soft close seat in Dark Olive. This WC is also available with a ceramic cistern and in a variety of other versions.
Shoreditch Square close-coupled WC with quick-release soft close seat
Senza Rimless WC, shown here with matching bidet
Gisele WC with matching bidet seat with soft-closing lid.
Spa Rimless WC with Sandwich Seat. Available in Mini or Maxi pan height, and open or closed back to accommodate the plumbing layout your bathroom needs
The Kai S Wall Hung pan and seat. Just add a cistern and frame!
Quadra Rimless Wall Hung pan and seat. Fitted here to Eco Bathrooms fitted furniture with a frame hidden inside