Built-in Baths

Built-in baths are the type of bath we are all familiar with, but many baths available today have a modern twist. Do you have young children who love bubble bath and floating toys? Do you like a soak after a day in the garden or working out?


Our baths are perfect to double up for showering in a smaller bathroom when there isn’t enough space for a separate enclosure. Most people prefer to shower the majority of the time, but keeping a bath in a house is an essential facility for many people. Built-in baths can be sealed to the walls and have a glass bath screen fitted to keep the floor dry. If you don’t need to shower over your bath then a free-standing bath could be an option.

Installation Options

Most baths come without tap-holes pre-drilled, and your installer will drill them out if required during installation. This allows you to choose conventional taps, or alternatively to fill the bath using an overflow filler, which you can control by a concealed shower valve. Many of our baths are available with front panels which are fibre-glass reinforced to make sure they are durable for daily family life, or you can choose wooden panels if you want to match it to your fitted furniture.


The standard is 1700mm long, the modern equivalent of the 5’6″ bath. Many bathrooms actually have their walls placed 1700mm apart, so this size is important for bathroom design. Don’t choose a bath which you feel is too long or too short for you to use comfortably. Come in to the showroom and sit in your next bath to try it out for size!

Our “standard” bath is anything but! On display the Sustain is 1700x700mm, but we can get it in many other sizes. It is a good quality, reinforced acrylic bath with an encapsulated baseboard, and a long guarantee. Here it is shown with sturdy Cleargreen fibreglass reinforced bath panels which clip on to the bath, and will not crack like cheaper panels. This one has a bath filler built into the overflow so it has no taps!
The Arundel is a lovely traditional style, standard shaped bath. Our display model is 1700x750mm. We can also supply it in 1700x700mm. This is a Cleargreen spec bath, which means it has an 8mm steel rod all the way around the rim to reinforce it, plus extra-strong legs and a second layer of fibreglass reinforcement, which earns it a 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee.
We have the Arundel on display with bath panels from our brand partners Eco Bathrooms, made in Bacup, Lancashire. We are proud to showcase this local furniture company’s fantastic range!
Want to shower and bathe? Do you want more elbow room while you are showering? This is the lovely Ecoround bath from Cleargreen, giving loads of extra space while still keeping a really decent bath. Properly strong bath panels with fibreglass reinforcement, and the bath screen comes with a 3M easy clean coating on the glass!
This is our modern L-shaped shower bath with a lovely thick screen. On display we have a shower system above it with an extra spout to fill the bath! The handle on the outside of the shower screen also acts as a towel rail which is a nice touch.