Shower Accessories

A shower seat can be a great aid to the less agile user, but also can provide a small touch of luxury to all. Obviously it can allow you to sit down, preferably placed so you can move in and out of the shower spray. It can also be a helpful way to reach your feet and legs, either while sitting or standing!

Shower seats are suitable for people up to 25 stone (160kg) as long as they have suitable wall fixings, and more if they have supporting legs.

A quality grab rail is an essential item for those who may be less steady. It gives a reassuring point to hold while moving in the shower, or climbing in and out. Needs to be fixed to a suitably strong surface such as a solid wall or a reinforced stud wall.
This grab rail is made from high quality solid brass with a chrome plating, and is available 400mm long as shown or 300mm long.