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Usually we are with you for about 30 minutes, just to take the basic room measurements, find out what kind of hot water system you have, and what you want from your bathroom refurbishment. We would follow up with inviting you into our showroom to complete the design with your choice of products to fit.

How Do I Measure My Bathroom?

It isn’t hard to take your own measurements to help us design your bathroom. We offer free designs on our computer system, but we need the basic room dimensions to create the “blank canvas” to start with.

Here is a quick guide to what to measure so we can get started:

Where to measure the basic width, length and height of the room, plus any full height boxing.
We need to know the position of the doorway, and this will tell us what maximum size of equipment can fit.
Positioning the window correctly also confirms what options there are for equipment positioning.
Look at where the WC soil pipe goes to. Does it go straight through the wall behind? Does it bend and run left or right through the room? Does it go straight into the floor behind the toilet? This tells us what options there are for changing the layout.

After you have the measurements, sketch it out on a piece of paper to show the shape, and write the measurements on it. If you prefer to use inches, don’t worry, we can use them too.

If you can tell us whether you have a combi boiler or a tank-fed system (or something else!) then it helps us work out what kind of taps or shower you will need too.

Take a picture with your phone and email it to us at: and we can get started! Feel free to send some lovely “before” pictures too, as these can help answer a lot of questions when designing.

Customer sketch example

Showroom vs Internet: Why We Can’t Match Internet Prices

In the era of online shopping, customers are often attracted to the competitive prices and convenience offered by the internet. However, when it comes to bathroom renovations, local bathroom showrooms, like ours at Invent Bathrooms on Manchester Road in Bolton, provide an unmatched experience that goes beyond price matching. In this blog post, we will delve into the reasons why we cannot match internet prices, while highlighting the valuable benefits of visiting our showroom.

Comfortable Showroom Experience:
At our showroom, we provide a comfortable environment where you can touch and feel the products before making a purchase decision. We understand the importance of experiencing the comfort of sitting in a bath or standing in a shower to ensure it meets your expectations. However, offering such a showroom experience incurs running costs such as rent, rates, light, and heat (and cooling!), which cannot be reflected in internet prices.

Expertise in Design and Product Selection:
Our dedicated professionals invest their time and expertise in designing your dream bathroom and assisting with product selection. They receive salaries, commissions, and undergo training to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge. Their experience allows them to guide you in making the right choices, preventing costly disappointments associated with poor selections. While this personalised expertise adds value to your bathroom project, it cannot be replicated in internet transactions.

Project Management and Issue Resolution:
Choosing a local bathroom showroom means benefiting from project management services and recommended installers. Our team ensures that your installation stays on track and within budget. They address any issues that may arise during the installation process, utilising their expertise to overcome challenges. This level of project management helps you avoid unexpected complications and ensures a smooth renovation journey.

After-Sales Support and Peace of Mind:
By visiting our showroom, you gain access to a reliable after-sales support system. We provide a central location for all your after-sales needs, including spares, service parts, and warranty support. This means that even years after your installation, you can count on us for any assistance you may require. This peace of mind is invaluable and cannot be matched by the impersonal nature of online purchases.

Additionally, our showroom offers a wide range of products that are not available on the internet. This includes locally-made bathroom furniture, which adds a unique touch to your bathroom design. Supporting local artisans and having access to exclusive products further enhances the value of visiting our showroom.

While we understand the appeal of internet prices, it’s important to recognise the inherent limitations when it comes to bathroom renovations. Our local showroom provides a comfortable environment for you to experience the products first hand, along with the expertise and guidance of our dedicated professionals. We offer project management services, reliable after-sales support, and a diverse range of products, including locally-made bathroom furniture. By choosing our showroom, you invest in a comprehensive and personalised experience that goes beyond price matching. At Invent Bathrooms, we prioritise your satisfaction, ensuring that your bathroom renovation journey is both enjoyable and rewarding.

Why Go to a Bathroom Showroom?

In this age of the internet, we find there are still solid reasons for someone looking for a bathroom to visit a bathroom showroom such as ours in Bolton. How else could you sit in the bath, stand in the shower, or work out whether you really have enough space on the basin for all your essentials?

How much elbow room will you actually have in that shower enclosure you love?

Apart from showcasing the products, a showroom is a great setting for discussing the plans for your dream bathroom with specialists in bathroom design. Sure, Bob the plumber knows which bits of pipe go where, or how to make his job easier by telling you where he wants to fit things, but if you take all his advice you may not get the transformation you are looking for. If you only get a result that is half as good as you could have had, will the investment in the project have been worth it?

Sitting down and discussing your bathroom design with a designer helps you visualise exactly what you will end up with. Buying a bathroom is like buying a completed room in your house, which you can’t see or touch. How many purchases do you make this way, especially when you may be spending thousands in total?

Bathrooms can be brought to life in great detail with state of the art CAD software

Sitting with an expert designer for an hour or two will help you get a real feel for what you want. Going through the decision-making process in store with products and samples to look at will take a lot of the uncertainty away. The designer can usually send you away with draft images, and send photo-realistic ones on to you later by email, as it takes a lot of computing power and time to get all the lighting and reflections spot on. It can often be hard to tell whether you are looking at a photo or a computer generated image!

Our prominent bathroom shop premises on Manchester Road in Bolton

We decided that having the showroom was an essential part of our business, and we took over the former Bathstore Bolton showroom on Manchester Road. On a prominent street corner opposite Orlando Bridge, the shop has been a familiar landmark bathroom shop since 2004, and now has an exciting fresh look! We have flagship products from top manufacturers on display, as well as very affordable options to help you complete your bathroom to your budget.

Fresh look internally

We also took on two of the expert designers who had worked in the shop for a total of 25 years, so we know they have the experience to make the best use of your space challenges! Familiar faces are there to look after bathroom customers new and old, whether it is to find an essential spare part, or look at a full revamp.

These are benefits simply not available with internet retailers, plumbers or mobile designers. Come in and see for yourselves! If you want a new bathroom in Bolton or Greater Manchester we should be your first choice.

Free Design Service

We offer a free in-store Design Service with our state-of-the art computer software. This helps you understand exactly how your bathroom will fit together and look once it is complete. Appointments are recommended but not always necessary!

If you bring your room measurements in, and take a look at where the waste pipe goes from your toilet we can do the rest.

About Us

We are a large bathroom shop in Bolton run by a small friendly team. We provide bathroom fittings, accessories and a complete design service. If you are looking for bathrooms in Bolton, then we can take your ideas and bring your project to life. We have 2 floors of bathroom showroom at our store on Manchester Road, in Bolton.

Our experienced staff will listen to your requirements and give you expert advice. All our expert designers have over 10 years experience in the bathroom retail industry, so we have a wealth of knowledge and problem-solving experience to draw on! Feel free to pop in for a friendly, no-obligation chat!

Come into the store for our free bathroom design service, and we offer a free home measure service too. This means we can measure what is needed to produce your perfect bathroom design, usually at a time to suit you. Take a look at some of our sample plans then come and make your own!

We are happy to work with architect plans at early stages of projects, and this can often help reduce or expand the size of the bathroom to the benefit of other rooms. Why don’t you come in for a chat?

Our recommended installers are either members of the BiKBBI or alternatively we have direct experience of their work. We make sure all of them are correctly insured to protect you and your home.

If you are looking for bathroom shops or bathroom showrooms in Bolton or Manchester then we should be your first and only stop!

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