A basin which sits on top of a counter top is often known as a washbowl or a vessel basin. We have several shapes and styles on display in the showroom. Don’t forget you will need either a wall-mounted tap or a taller tap to fill it, often known as a washbowl mixer.

Your washbowl can sit on a tiled box, or a counter top, and can have a vanity unit underneath to add to the practical storage space in the bathroom. Several of our vanity units are available with a counter top for this.

For an industrial look, how about this stunning stainless steel washbowl in brushed black finish? It comes with a matching waste, and is seen here with a matching tall basin tap with a designer knurled handle. Wow!
A view of one of our display walls. The nearest is in a matt grey glaze, with a matt grey waste (plug) to match!
This lovely washbowl is just the right size, a 380mm diameter. It is only £69 and incorporates an overflow.
This plan shows a clever use of boxing above a staircase for an ensuite, just the right height for the washbowl to sit on. A raised box behind accommodates a wall-mounted waterfall mixer tap.