Freestanding Baths

We have a huge choice of free-standing and built-in baths. Call in to browse around and sit in the baths we have, or we can order in any bath from our range of high-quality supply partners.

The comfy Ealing bath, a little shorter than standard, but spacious on the inside. The slim double-skinned acrylic construction is a good way to keep the water warm! Looks perfect with wall mounted or floorstanding taps
Close-up of waterfall wall-mounted bath shower mixer
This is the Albano. With its matt black exterior, it’s a popular choice keeping up with the latest trends. It is a lovely wide bath!
The elegant Puro, a Clearstone bath from Clearwater Baths. Shown in store with the optional stainless steel plinth, this is perfectly paired with a floorstanding bath tap. Up to you whether you have a shower attachment or not!
The beautiful Windsor is shown here with the traditional chrome feet and the Claremont bath filler taps. This is the modern take on a traditional cast bath, with acrylic exterior and a stone cast core, this is lighter than cast iron, warmer to the touch, but reassuringly solid.
Want a traditional roll-top bath and need to shower over it? The gorgeous, deep, Hampton bath, seen here with Traditional black cast feet. It has a lip to fit to the wall on two sides (we can get either left or right hand versions), and you can fit most bath screens to the front edge. Here it is seen with the Burlington screen with access panel, allowing you to reach the taps easily. Available in standard 1700mm or 1500mm lengths to suit any bathroom.