Radiators are more than just that; they are towel warmers as well as focal points. Did you know that radiators with a painted finish give out a lot more heat than chrome ones?

Chome finish radiators were definitely the trend over the last 10 years or so, but now the very latest moves are very much toward matt black or anthracite colours, but we have sourced radiators in other exciting colours too.

Need more warmth in your life? This lovely antique brass radiator from House of Piccadilly will create a stunning feature. Just added to our displays. Matching angled thermostatic valves and pipe sleeves finish it beautifully.
This lovely wall-mounted traditional radiator gives out loads of heat and would look great in either a traditional bathroom, or a modern bathroom in an older house. It can help save space by being fitted higher up in the room too!
The Luca radiator is shown here in 800×500, its smallest size. In anthracite this really is the modern colour which seems to go with all colours of background and also gives out 1243 BTU of heat which is enough for an average size bathroom!
If you want a matt black radiator to match your shower screen and taps, this Luca model is a stunning feature as well as warming your room and drying your towels.
Part of the latest trend towards colours, this lovely brushed brass radiator is from Crosswater, and complements their latest tap range beautifully. Together they add a touch of warmth to your bathroom.
Grey vertical
This narrow grey vertical radiator has a textured grey finish, and will take up to three towel hangers. With colour-matched thermostatic valves fitted, we can also get it in other widths and colours.
Polished aluminium vertical
How about this for a shiny finish? This lovely vertical radiator is polished and lacquered aluminium, with stainless steel towel hangers. We can get it in various widths to suit your room.
This unusual radiator makes hanging your towels even easier, as they just slip on from the end. Shown in a lovely cappuccino colour with a sparkle in it, it perfectly complements the acrylic wall panels in the shower next to it, whilst giving a nice contrast with the grey paint behind. It can be hung either way to suit your room layout. Shown with neat corner valves which tuck away underneath.
The Wedge is a quirky design, here in matt black metallic finish. Do you find the shape interesting or disturbing? It is very solid to the touch and would make a talking point of your new bathroom design!
In a traditional bathroom setting, the Bloomsbury is a lovely rad. Small but efficient, all the chrome rails heat up as well as the black central radiator, giving space to warm and dry your towel.
If you only have a narrow space left in your bathroom for the radiator, this Airo aluminium radiator is a great solution. Your installer can fit the optional chrome towel hangers anywhere on the radiator. Fit two or three hangers to solve the family need for warm towels!