We have shower enclosures and wetrooms in a range of shapes and sizes to suite all bathrooms and budgets.

The most popular choice for our daily wash these days is a shower. Many people are finally ditching the bath and fitting a large shower enclosure to reinvent their bathroom! Would you prefer a walk-in shower or a sliding door, a wetroom or a quadrant? We can help work out the best layout for your room and your lifestyle!

A good quality shower enclosure will be sturdy and easy to clean. Below is only a small sample of what we have on display in store. Call in to see which options are best for you.

Do you have a grand space and want a statement shower to fill it? This 1400mm wide walk-through shower has tinted glass which is 10mm thick meaning it is extremely sturdy. Shown on a wetroom tiled floor, this allows the same floor finish to be used right across the room, enhancing the feeling of space. Just add under floor heating to enhance the luxury!
Are you short of space? This clever infold door slides half in while it opens, leaving a nice wide space to get in and out through. A much neater solution than a bi-folding shower door. Stunning silver dusk wall panels set it off nicely. The black frame is bang on trend and the easy-clean glass makes maintenance simple.
This lovely minimal slider is tall at 2000mm, and follows the latest handle-less trend. Available in many different sizes to maximise your space. Marble tile effect wall panels set it off nicely.
This hinged door has a beautiful floating stainless steel frame running above its perimeter. Because it features a smaller door with an inline panel, it takes up less space in your room when the door opens, leaving space for a towel radiator right next to it, and with the door limited to 90 degrees opening there will be no unexpected clashes!
The clever through-glass handle has a magnetic flap which allows your hand to go through in either direction, but closes afterwards.
Our Infinity quadrant. It has a very shiny, highly polished stainless steel frame. This is really unusual in shower enclosures which are usually aluminium. The 8mm thick glass is easy-clean, and the door unclips for even easier cleaning. Come into the store now if you’d like to try it for size!
Our Infinity quadrant now has the latest in safety technology fitted, a gorgeous anti-slip tray from UK manufacturer Senstec. This tray has UKAS accredited laboratory results which put it in the best possible anti-slip category, with a less than 1 in a million chance of slipping on it. Ulster University carried out user testing with extremely positive results for comfort. Because of the shape of the dimples on the surface it is much easier to clean than rougher textures, and will be more durable than applied coatings. And you can have it any colour you like!
The Design+ Shower enclosure features a hinged door, and an in-line panel. 8mm glass with an easy-clean coating and a minimal look.
The Noir walk-in, with 8mm thick glass and a black print on the outside. Seen here with a black slate-stone tray which gives the look and feel of a wetroom with the reassurance and installation cost of a tray. A black shower system completes the look.
The Easy Access Walk-in is the same 1700mm length as a standard bath, and incorporates a genius curved “flipper” panel which helps reduce splashing outside, or can fold right inside to open up the access space, which is a help is there is a basin or other item in the way as is common in standard shaped bathrooms. The end panel is optional depending on whether there is a wall at the end of your tray.
For ultimate ease of use, we have a fold-down shower seat fitted to the wall, and a low-mounted shower valve which you can reach on the way in, with a handheld shower as well as the large rectangular fixed head. Sheer luxury to use.
The Edge 900 Quadrant, with a single door, easy clean glass and quick release rollers. Simple and sturdy. Shown here with Mermaid panels and a stainless steel recessed shelf, with a Central 5 Mode Shower system.
Even our budget 900 quadrant still comes with quick release door rollers and easy clean coating on the 6mm glass. At only £199 it’s a popular choice.
Shown here with sparkly white Mermaid wall panels.
Black frame with smoked glass on this 8mm thick 1000mm quadrant.